Why The Transformers “Writers Room” is a Waste

The Transformers franchise (all films directed by Michael Bay) has racked in hundreds of millions of dollars, and even crossed the billion dollar threshold. However, the ugly truth is that dollars do not correlate to quality. Besides the visual effects these movies are like the inner workings of what an 8 year old considers to be a masterpiece.

I’ll be the first to admit I really liked the first Transformers film Bay did and he left me wanting more. Then came Revenge of the Fallen or what eventually became better known as Racist Autobot Testicles. The third film soon followed and was a little better than the previous one, but still managed to stink. Finally, we get to the steaming pile of Cybertron waste that is Age of Extinction. This movie managed to take the few enjoyable qualities of the first three films and regurgitate them through a shit stained garbage disposal. Age of Extinction literally caused a negative reaction in my body and to this day induces rage whenever I have to talk about it.

T2 testicles.png

Okay, now with all the wonderful reminiscing out of the way lets look ahead to the future and how Paramount had a plan to “fix” this franchise. All four films while financial successes were panned by both critics and audiences. Paramount then assembles their own rag-tag team of writers to help pen ideas and future scripts for their billion dollar franchise. Led by Akiva Goldsman known most famously for A Beautiful Mind along with The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, Iron Man’s Art Marcum and Ben Holloway just to name a few. This team assembled back in early 2015 and left the future of the franchise looking bright.

Bright Future

This writers room idea was a clear indication that Paramount was listening to the criticisms that came out following Age of Extinction. It seemed as if they realized they need to alter the route their on or people may not continue to come back. Talk circulated for awhile that a new director would take the reigns as Bay was busy with other projects. Transformers 5 was starting to look like it’d be the first to take a more serious approach and avoid the blatant racism and cut down on the excess visual noise.

The phrase goes, three strikes and you’re out, well for Michael Bay it’s, four strikes and you get a do-over. Paramount has officially announced Michael Bay returning to the franchise for what he stated as his last one. The once bright future has now been littered with over the top action, exploitation of underage women and subtle product placement. Personally I enjoy Bay as a director, as long as it’s outside Transformers. In the end, Paramount panicked and went with whats unfortunately considered the safe pick in Bay. The box office dollars tell Bay and the studio that what he’s doing is working and enjoyable which means whatever this writers room has come up with will be flushed down the gold plated Bud Light toilets that reside in Michael Bays mansion, brought to you by Microsoft and The Beats Pill.

t4 Bud Light


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