‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer Analysis

Breathe. Just breathe. What do you see? I see the first trailer for The Last Jedi, a beautiful and haunting title. What does it all mean? Does it refer to Rey, Luke, Kylo or multiple Jedi? We honestly won’t know until Christmas, but until that lovely day all we have to go off of is the incredible trailer Lucasfilm just dropped. There will be thousands of videos, forums and posts online of analysis so why not throw my voice in the mix? Lets get to it.


This opening shot of Rey which if you notice has her in the outfit we left her in at the end of The Force Awakens. Tired, wheezing and falling to the ground leads me to believe this where she first talks with Luke. Now does the conversation end with him showing her the power of the force? Is this shot the end of a short training session they have together? The darker answer, which would be the one I’d love to see, is Luke just showed her the power he is capable of and maybe does it in an effort to send her away as he wants nothing to do with these galactic struggles anymore? Or is this a parallel to Luke’s cave experience on Degobah and she’s just emerged from a tramatic experience. Either way judging from her outfit it leads me to think it’s in the beginning of the film so this question will be the first answered.


Next up is a shot of what I can only assume to be Leia overseeing some galactic schematic possibly mapping out where she wants the Resistance to establish new bases? Or she’s on the hunt for the First Order in an effort to capitalize on the recent destruction of Starkiller base. This could also be something way out of left field that has nothing to do with battle plans or tactics but the search for something or someone. A key player or politician is missing after the destruction of Hosnian Prime and Leia is using every asset available to her to find this key individual. The possibilities are honestly endless, but I think we have good reason to believe this is most likely battle planning.


I think this shot has me the most intrigued. This dusty, used and tired book carries on its cover the symbol of the Jedi Order, an order long gone, and yet here it lies. Is this Luke uncovering it when he first arrives to the island in a possible flashback? Is this Rey going off on her own on the island and ends up stumbling upon it? Is it Luke and Rey together on their search for old Jedi Temples? We know Luke left in search of the first Jedi temple as told by Han in The Force Awakens, and this frame all but confirms, if this is Luke, he finds something at some point. Possibly the Journey of the Whills, which document the beginning of the galaxy, were made canon in the novelization of The Force Awakens and Rogue One. If so are the teachings in here a dead end that lead him to give up on the Jedi order? Or it’s​ possible this is someone we’ve never met before on screen and their debut is discovering relics our hero Luke has been searching for in his exile. There are so many possibilities that have the potential to stretch all the way back to the prequels, tying in multiple generations of Jedi. This frame presents to me the most amount of questions as we don’t know where it is, who is uncovering or what exactly resides within the text. In the trailer, as this is uncovered you can hear the voice of Yoda, while faint, gives me the inclination it’s Luke or Rey.


This shot is breathtaking and while it doesn’t give us much in terms of story it tells us the one fact we knew was coming, Luke is training Rey. A swopping shot around the island revealing her on the edge and Luke standing behind her in the distance which felt purposefully reminiscent of Lukes time on Degobah. Regardless of how old, disgruntled or cynical Luke is from his travels this shot seemingly confirms he gives in this one last time to train this pupil who has forced herself into his life. Possibly his agreement to train, the last jedi, anybody?


Like mountains in the distance, we see the Resistance fly head on towards a blockade of AT-ATs on what was confirmed by director Rian Johnson as a new planet called, Crait. A planet he said would be the focal point of the movie. Craits remnants prompt the Resistance to search for an old rebel base that’s now abandon and during their search a “pressing threat” looms. Could this possibly tie back to the photo earlier of Leia? Is she planning out the logistics of their attack or exploration of this planet? Regardless of the material or base their looking for, in natural Star Wars fashion we know it won’t come without some sort of struggle.


Nothing too surprising in this next shot as at this point in the trailer we begin to get glimpses of all the characters from the last film. Poor Finn seems to be in a cryo-tube as he recovers from Kylo destroying his back at the end of The Force Awakens. I initially thought this implied he was in a coma of sorts, similar to R2-D2 from the last movie and Finn will awaken in third act coming in to provide some much needed assistance. All I know is Finn was one of my favorite parts of the last movie and John Boyega has a natural ability to create amazing chemistry with anyone on screen. If he’s comatose for a large portion of the movie I will be very upset.


The great Poe Dameron, a character who was actually supposed to die in the original draft of The Force Awakens and I could not be happier with their changed decision. Poe and fan favorite BB-8 seem to be heading to his X-Wing for battle as their base appears to be under attack. Again going back to my theory of Leia looking for a new base of operations for the Resistance as out in space they are vulnerable to attacks such as this. This frame while minimal in information or the potential for speculation is great to see because it reunites two characters I can’t wait to see more from the second time around. Poe is a great character because he’s the rebel pilot we always see in the background getting blown to bits, but actually front and center with hopefully his own arc.


I can say with 100% confidence this a flashback, and possibly the same force-back Rey experiences in the last film except from a different angle. Luke falling to his knees alongside his partner in crime as they watch what I can only assume to be a Jedi temple falling to pieces. Was this where Luke was training his new generation of Jedi that was ultimately cut short by Kylo and his aligning with the First Order? We see Phasma come through the flames of the temple and I truly believe this was the catalyst that sent Luke into hiding. Everything he built at the advice of Yoda is burning in front of him and he’s now reached a point where enough is enough. Sidebar, it could be because it’s a new shot but the shots used in the trailer are captivating. This frame only adds to the long list of incredible shots were going to see in what I believe will be the most visually appealing Star Wars film yet.


This shot works so well in the trailer and adds to the non-linear drama they’re trying to convey, but on it’s own doesn’t do much for me. I was hoping to see a horribly scarred Kylo and here it seems to be as if he got a paper cut across his face and that’s it. Again, half of his face is covered, deliberately I’m sure, but I wanted to see a better shot of Kylo maybe one conveying how broken he is. This frame does makes me curious as to whether or not he’ll fashion a new mask or if he’s going to wear his scar with pride. In addition to the mask I want to know where he is. It looks as if he’s at the site of the burning temple, but chronologically that doesn’t add up. Perhaps this is him on the rebel base, we saw Poe running through, in his search for Rey and he’s confronting someone we know and love. There are hundreds of possibilities absolutely, but I am honestly glad to see this character back as I can’t wait to see him get his.


The final shot of the trailer is our hero Luke Skywalker telling Rey the Jedi need to be end. Now this is the shot and line that will get everyone talking about what the implications are. In defense of this line, remember that Luke is a guy who struggled with the light and dark. He saw the redemption of his father but ultimately perished shortly after as he was too far gone. The Jedi Order has failed twice, the first led to his upbringing on Tattoine and the other was at his own hands. He’s broken and at this point probably doesn’t see the Jedi way as an effective method for peace keeping. Many believe, as do I, Luke is riding the line as a “grey Jedi” dabbling in both the light and dark. This opens the door for new paths leading to dramatic conflicts with both Rey and Leia. Maybe others will disagree with Luke’s reluctant attitude towards reviving the order. Either way we know he takes Rey under his wing as indicated by the shot earlier, but how his new views will affect that training remains to be seen. The Luke training Rey dynamic is the one that has me the most excited for I want to see him take her out exploring for these Jedi relics and contradict the Jedi way we’ve grown accustomed to.


All these photos are probably shown out of order with misleading voice over work in an effort to throw us off, but there is no way that’ll stop us from speculating and theorizing at what every frame means. Regardless if I’m on to anything in any of these frames or I am way off all I truly want is for this movie to be out now. You have any thoughts or theories? Think I’m a crazy old hermit like Luke? Sound off as I’d love to discuss any and all thoughts!


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